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Links to other time sinkholes on the Internet
Takes Lego to a whole new level.
Join Dogbert's New Ruling Class! The blog of Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic and author of God�s Debris (among other titles). Makes my blog look lame. Go read his blog instead.
An all-around fantastic waste of time. Spend hours marvelling at the hilarity of language barriers!
If you have not yet joined Strongbadia�s army, do so now.
Photos from current news stories. Amusing captions. Where can you go wrong?! It�s a winning formula!
Another fun site. Go to their games section and download �Domo-kun�s Angry Smashfest!�. Greatest game EVER.
Marvel at Australian TV�s ratings wars! A hub for local television and film industry news.
What are you waiting for, Sports Racers? This video blog is only going to be around for a year! Hurry up, or you�ll miss it! Home of the Earth Sandwich and a whole lot of duckies.