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You've Got Data-Gathering In My Black Cat!
20 June 2009

So first there was C.C. in my Darker Than Black, then Shinigami playing football, and now when I'm reading Black Cat all I can think of is Inui from Prince of Tennis. I mean, I know there are only so many designs for 'mad, data-obsessed scientist', but it's somehow more obvious when they're both Shonen Jump titles.

Check it out:

Have to love manga artists and their pathological love of chains, cherry blossoms, and people running places with purpose.
Cover from Volume 18 of the manga.

THAT'S TOTALLY TEN-YEARS-LATER INUI, RIGHT? (Hey wow, we've got some Katekyo reference in there too).

Maybe in Shin-Tenipuri we'll see him start to fall in with the wrong crowd and develop a fascination with nanomachines.