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Easiest Game To Pitch EVER
5 October 2006

Demolition Girl. The box tells you everything you need to know. It has jets and a giant supermodel in a bikini.

What is perhaps the most remarkable thing about this game is the lenient rating is received.  Surely a scantily clad supermodel being fired at by jets is worth more than a 3+ rating?
Presumably a supermodel of a super-human size's first instinct is to destroy everything. Backlash against dieting? And where did she get the super-sized bikini?

Completely overlooking the hidden meanings and subconscious messages that even a failing film student could draw from this game, the only thing I could think of when I saw this box was, 'Wow, they know EXACTLY who their target demographic is, and they aren't pulling ANY punches.'

How easy must this game have been to pitch? "There's a hot girl in a bikini in it, and lots of jets and helicopters and explosions. A city gets stomped. It's pretty much Godzilla, but instead of an ugly monster there's a scantily clad supermodel." Unless by some impossibility one of the publishers was female, every person in the room must have been going, 'Wow, why didn't we think of that first?'.

Sure, it's probably a BAD game, but Dead Or Alive has already proven that it doesn't matter when you've got lots of girls in bikinis. Are we now seeing the era where B-grade games will start to get the same sort of attention that B-grade action movies do? Really, as a female, this game should make me angry or sick or offended, but the minute I saw the cover I just had to laugh instead.

What game could have been an easier pitch than this? You know, ruling out anything based on an existing license - after all, it's hard to imagine any reaction other than 'Awesome! Here's ten million bucks!' when they were pitching the original concept for the Star Wars Lego game - there can't be much. Unless they pitched a sequel where the jets were piloted by dinosaurs. And they shoot zombie pirates. That would rock.