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When Graffiti Is Awesome
1 October 2006

Some friends and I were driving along Toohey Road in Brisbane (Australia) Southside when we discovered this most awesome piece of video game graffiti art:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas graffiti art.
It turns out you can make cool graffiti even WITHOUT playing Mark Ecko's 'Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure'. Take that, Australian Ratings Board.

Do Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive even need to bother with a marketing budget anymore? It seems to take care of itself. After all, people have been talking about 'Bully' (or 'Canis Canim Edit' if you happen to get lumped with the European release) ever since the title was announced some, oh, two years ago. You know, before there were even any SUMMARIES or SCREENSHOTS telling you what it was even about. And now fans effectively create free billboards for their games. Should their Public Relations Manager be fired, or get a raise? Send your opinions here.