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Gay Vader or Evil Kitty?
10 September 2006

The half a dozen or so readers of this website may recall the Hello Kitty Vs Star Wars feature from a couple of weeks ago. Not too long after that was posted, the picture below started circulating on the internet.

I am unsure of the exact origins of this photo: I know only that it is AWESOME!
Gay Vader or Evil Kitty? You decide.

Of course, I would like to claim credit, but this site in no way receives enough hits to have possibly have spawned this most awesome of creations. However, I have absolutely no reservations in claiming this as Hello Kitty's penultimate achievement. Hello Kitty has even more soundly defeated her nemesis. Hello Kitty has put her mark on Star Wars.

In a way, is Hello Kitty going to become some sort of monster of pop culture that will slowly assimilate her rivals? Sure, at the moment there's a wide array of creative licenses out there, but how long before Jack Sparrow starts wearing Hello Kitty pins, or Captain Kirk uses a Hello Kitty communicator? It'll be a slow process, certainly - it'll sneak its way in as cameos and jokes, but how long until EVERYTHING becomes Hello Kittified? For how long can the masses resist whatever subliminal messages are hidden within the adorable cuteness?

There's only one solution remaining. Fight fire with fire! One brave soldier has already taken up the fight:

People of the world, we're being faced with a choice. It's Hello Kitty or Star Wars. We can't have them both.