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GenCon Brisbane 2009 Report
22 September 2009

GenCon was held in Brisbane this last weekend. So was Animania, actually (and who on earth had THAT bright idea?), but I had to make a choice, and since Animania Brisbane is a TINY, TINY affair, GenCon it was.

GenCon is actually more a gaming convention. There's a small anime presence, but the focus is mostly on LAN, card and board games, with a few arcade games and console demos set up around the place. Merchandise was on the thin side, but I did manage to snag a good deal on the Final Fantasy Dissidia trades, and there was no shortage of Yoshi plushies! Also, AN INCREDIBLY AMAZING FFXII GABRANTH STATUE:

Also, now I must ask - Gabranth versus Wolverine: Who would win? ...Actually, that's a no brainer.  Wolverine.
It had an incredibly amazing price to match.

As for the rest of the con, the venue was excellent. The Brisbane Convention Centre has air-conditioning, and heaps of space so people weren't constantly tripping over each other. The only place where traffic tended to slow down was the cosplay events area.

Which brings me to the point of this post. We all know what everybody really wants is cosplay pictures! Nowhere near the percentage of cosplayers that you get at Supanova, but the ones who did turn up were quality!

Admittedly a slightly thin Bowser, possibly stressed and overworked from excessive Nintendo engagements.
How about some Bowser?
I somehow missed the Toadette lurking in the background there.  Oh noes!
Keeping with the Mario theme, Toad! This was an inspired choice for a costume.
The fail, I tried to sneak a photo but they saw me and stopped.  The embarrassment was worth it!
Her trident got crushed on public transport, so she brought Mukuro Owl out of his box instead.
Chrome Dukuro from Katekyo Hitman Reborn - she was so excited that somebody actually recognised her.
FFVII cosplays reach new heights every year.
This Cloud Strife was impossible to corner, so here's a stalker photo taken from cosplay chess.
Have to love any cosplay that lets you use a yellow umbrella as a prop.
Hellsing! The glasses were a nice detail.
Not to be forgotten, old-school transformer on the right.
Does anyone know what the cosplay on the left is? It bugged me all convention. Mail to grandevina @ lycos . com!
The girl on the right was very brave to wear that to a gaming convention, but then, I guess it helps when your friend is armed.
Sakura Taisen cosplay! Are they still making these games? I don't know why I love Sakura Taisen so much. I keep getting excited by it, but whenever I try playing the games or watching the anime I find myself underwhelmed. Possibly it's actually just that I am inclined to love anything Kosuke Fujishima touches, even if it happens to be not that great.
Looking at it down, now on earth did they see?
More animated Transformers! Take that, Michael Bay!
This is always such a complex cosplay, so anyone who even attempts it is made of win.
And last but not least, Lulu from FFX. And a Kakashi in the background! Damn, I nearly managed to avoid taking photos of Naruto cosplayers for once. How shinobi-esque.

Probably won't go back next year, as the cover charge is not really worth it unless you've got some intense board gaming or lanning planned. Some decent guests though! Caught a bit of a talk from Sam Witwer and a girl from Battlestar Galactica. And it's only their second year in Brisbane! Could become quite an epic event with a little nurturing.