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Giant Robots Made Real
17 August 2009

There was a brief lull in updating! And then, to compound the drama, the site apparently went offline for a while! Consider both disasters averted, as our talented web genie made everything better, and the lull in updates was because I was once more in Japan. For a brief period of time, it was actually cheaper to holiday in Tokyo than it was in Melbourne! I took the opportunity to see a once-in-a-lifetime sight.

The mecha that fathered a genre.
Yes, I speak of this.

Perhaps the following picture will more adequately express the magnitude of the sight.

Normally one would consider clouds bad for sight seeing, but in this instance, it ENHANCED the experience.

Indeed, that is a 1:1 scale replica of a Gundam RX-78, from the iconic Mobile Suit Gundam series. It was constructed in Odaiba to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the franchise. And it is AWESOME.

Note how the hands are posed for potential weapon holdage.
From different angles!

Supposedly it will only be up for two months, but given the vast amount of foot traffic going through there (the ground had turned to mud from the endless stampede of feet), they'll surely have to extend that!

The security amused me.  Surely the Gundam is a security force all on its own!
You can never have too many photos of a Giant Gundam.

If that wasn't cool enough, every hour on the hour it would light up, play music and sound effects, emit steam, and move the head! If they add weapons next year, then have the arms move the year after, then the legs the year after that, then thrusters - why, Japan will have a FULLY FUNCTIONAL GIANT ROBOT in less than five years! I wonder where this fits under their non-militarisation laws.

The only thing missing is the lightning strike!
I am particularly fond of this picture, as it is easy to imagine the Gundam about to embark on a suicide mission.

Can there be anything cooler than that? What about the Giant Gundam.... AT NIGHT?

It's a geek pilgrimage!
Yes indeed, I did return for the sole purpose of seeing at a different time of day.
You can probably find better pictures on the net if you look! There were people with professional cameras there.
Critical mass!
Can it possibly get any more epic than this?
Zearth... take off!  Ooops, wrong series.
Why yes. Yes it can.

Thank you Japan, for making the dreams of sci-fi nerds and anime otaku the world over come true.

Further posts from Tokyo adventures will be forthcoming, but a Giant Gundam deserves a post all of its own.