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Dial Gundam 00 for EPIC FIGHTS
3 May 2009

So, the second season of Gundam 00 has well and truly come and gone. If you don't wish to be spoiled for the ending, I recommend that you cease reading now.

Spoiler-averse folks gone? Good. So, the second season was a rather strange beast compared to the first, in that it actually featured the Gundam that it is named after, but also in that it seemed to embark on an active campaign to strip all of the awesome from its characters. Although the fight scenes reached entirely new levels of epic, to the point where new words would need to be invented to describe how MASSIVE and AWESOME they are. They would make a licensed video game potentially worth buying!

Back to the point, though - thoughts on the ending. I was actually pretty pleased with the ending, but then, anything they did that wasn't the 'battle stopping because everyone was touched by the power of song' Macross-style was enough to not disappoint by the end of it. One starts wondering if maybe everybody saw that setup coming around episode 20 or so and then the fan collective said 'no' and the magicians at Sunrise were forced to change it. Oh My Goddess is the only anime that is allowed to do this, and that's because singing is how the goddesses program Yggdrasil.

So that was a plus in its favour. It also fulfilled the most important part of team endings, in that everybody important had a Moment Of Awesome. Allelujah proved that he can still be cool, but only when Soma/Marie is not present. Lyle's one second Trans-Am was especially seat-gripping, and maybe for the first time since the beginning of the season I stopped wishing for Neil instead. Setsuna learned how to FREAKING TELEPORT. And Tieria had a rather marvellous Obi-Wan Kenobi moment, where Ribbons took him out, but then Tieria SHUT DOWN THE ENTIRE ENEMY ARMY. FINALLY, that special Gundam fucntion revealed all the way back in the first season actually got USED for more than three seconds.

Colasour finally got his happy ending, too. Best recurring side character ever.

Speaking of side characters, I am confused as to Graham's fate. There was a shot of the guy in white who had committed seppuku - not Graham? He turned up behind Billy later, so who was the person that committed seppuku if not Graham? Surely there can only be so many identical family members running around in one series. I need to go back and freeze-frame that. Maybe it was his teacher, and it was simply supposed to be symbolic.

Just symbolism, perhaps?
Mysterious stranger, supposedly important to the plot.

Hmm, dark hair, maybe not Graham after all. In that case, who on earth was it? Graham's teacher? But he only turned up in maybe two shots in the whole series! Surely he is not deserving of a credits sequence moment. I'm rather fond of the idea that it WAS Graham, and the shot with Billy was simply a sign of Billy going mad, because clearly having Sumeragi run off into space AGAIN after they finally sorted out their issues was the Final Straw.

There were few too many miraculous survivals for my preferences (what happened to the wonderful chain of cause and effect and LASTING CONSEQUENCES of the first season?), but then, if they're doing a movie in 2010...


Sure, the NORMAL reaction would be excitement, but we won't get to see it until almost 2011! That's TWO YEARS AWAY.

Sunrise, we need to have a talk about your unreasonable expectations for your fans. First your horrible Code Geass cliffhangers, then THIS? Who did you hire from Square Enix?