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Must-Have Computer Winter Accessory
30 May 2008

Winter is upon us in the Southern Hemisphere, bringing a wealth of problems to those of us sensitive to the cold. There is one particular issue with a great impact on productivity in offices and the IT industry especially that has remained neglected for far too long - cold fingers.

Anybody who suffers from even slightly bad circulation will know of what I speak. Generally, even in winter most computer offices are kept fairly cold by air conditioning. This is easily managed by wearing a jacket or some other warm and toasty vestment, but in order to operate a mouse and keyboard, one cannot keep their hands warm and toasty inside a pair of gloves. Even typing in fingerless gloves is awkward. So eventually your fingers will become cold and stiff and won't respond properly. Productivity drops, comfort drops, and the distraught employee in question will waste hours each day alternating between massaging their fingers to keep some feeling in them or running off the bathroom to run them under warm water or the hand dryer.

So, gloves don't work, and it's unlikely the workplace will adjust the general office temperature to accommodate those with cold hands, as there is bound to be an equal number of people who will complain that it's too hot at anything above freezing. However, I have a solution: HEATED KEYBOARDS.

Awe at my Photoshop prowess.

If this isn't on the market yet, it SHOULD BE.

(And maybe a heated mouse while you�re at it, kthnxbai)