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Hello Kitty Keyboard
18 October 2008

Just in case you were starting to feel safe, rest assured that Hello Kitty is still hard at work on world domination. Behold! Hello Kitty KEYBOARD STICKERS.

Although you DO get to pummel Hello Kitty's adorable face while you type.
The 'Good Luck' sticker in particular worries me for some reason. I guess it must be for people operating Vista.

Not a Hello Kitty keyboard... keyboard STICKERS. Presumably the cheaper alternative of Hello Kittifying your computer. What's wrong with using the thousands of other generic Hello Kitty stickers to do it?

I would love to work in Sanrio's product development department. I'm convinced there's an entire division dedicated solely to figuring what else they can print stickers for. I'm personally looking forward to Hello Kitty toothbrush stickers for your Hello Kitty toothbrush. Hello Kitty stickers for your bedroom doorknob. Hello Kitty stickers for your electric blender. Maybe they should just take a shortcut and make transparent Hello Kitty stickers to apply directly to your eyeballs.