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More Awesome Graffiti
29 November 2006

In celebration of the recent release of Fast Food Nation in cinemas, I thought I'd post this picture up. It's from the sidewalk directly adjacent to the Hungry Jack's (or Burger King to anyone in the world who doesn't live in Queensland) near my house. Has been there for a while - likely since the footpath was first laid.

This piece of vandalism is admittedly only funny in context.
Today I discovered that it is surprisingly difficult to take a good photo of the ground.

Sure, there's nothing artistic about this piece. But it's funny in the right context. And everybody in the area has now refers to that particular Hungry Jack's as Hungry Jerks. From the vandal's point of view, this one is a complete win.

Nothing beats the efforts of these people though:

Or 'open' and 'close'?
Maybe in a different language they mean 'push' and 'pull'?

At least, I HOPE that's a practical joke. If not, I don't know what's going on there either. Let your imaginations run wild.