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Blasphemy Can Indeed Get Funnier
25 July 2009

Just when you think the manga scene has covered every conceivable topic, from sports to bakeries to giant alien robots to personifications of countries, Japan then dares to ask the question: 'What would it be like if Jesus and Buddha lived on Earth in modern times, and shared an apartment in Japan?'

No, seriously.

It's called Saint Young Men

They tackle such aspects as Disneyland, manzai comedy, and the internet.
In which Buddha tries to pass off his hair as a wicked perm, and Jesus looks like Johnny Depp.

It even has DEATH NOTE references in it. Consider it plugged!

I would ask where they could possibly go next, but it's not a question I'm sure I want the answer to. In the meantime, do enjoy reading it, as I can't see any distribution company in America daring to touch this with an Olympic pole vault.