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Sports Animes ROCK
3 November 2007

I am terribly far behind in Prince of Tennis at the moment (or incredibly far ahead if you don't have the internet), and as such, only finished off the first National Championship OVA a couple of days ago. Yes, after 175 TV episodes, a single episode OVA, an animated movie, a live-action movie, a twelve-episode OVA, and numerous musicals (not even mentioning the manga that spawned it all), they're still only up to the quarter-finals. By now, I have an emotional investment in seeing that team win the Nationals.

I�m sure this interests absolutely none of the regular readers of this site, but regardless, after episode 11, can I just say... OMG, TENNIS ZOMBIES.

But then, no photoshop is NEEDED.
Absolutely no photoshop was involved in this image, I swear.

That is the FREAKIEST thing I have ever seen. Okay, maybe not the freakiest, but still the STUFF OF NIGHTMARES. Very cool episode, though. I am enjoying how increasingly unrealistic the tennis gets as the series goes on. For most of the TV series, the shots either already existed or were at least theoretically possible under controlled conditions at professional levels. But by the end of the Nationals, I expect real tennis will no longer hold any interest for me unless players glow or move so fast they leave after images whenever they get into a tight spot. And dinosaurs are killed. The dinosaurs are important.

Yes, that is a tennis ball.  No, you are not hallucinating.  Someone just gave Production IG too much money.
This is my second most favourite picture of all time. The first favourite can be found here.

This is not technically an anime review, so there's no score. I just wanted to share the absurdity.