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Primary Use of The Internet
5 August 2007

I realised recently that this site was missing a key ingredient! Indeed, this factor is perhaps the very basis for any succesful website or blog. Its absence on the Tomes made it feel as though perhaps the site was a mere mockery of the use of internet space! Fortunately, the mighty alpha photoshopper, scion of surreal imagery and purveyor of nightmares of hypnopixel (also baker of delicious poison cookies) has provided the opportunity for me to correct this grievous deficiency.

Behold! A stupid cat picture!

This was merely the base for shenanigans to come.
Ah, now I truly feel a part of the Internet.

But wait, there's more!

Many thanks to Meganics for this piece of timeless comedy.  I shall repay her with bountiful crystallized dragonflies.
Enough said.

There, that's better.

I'll do some actual writing again soon, promise. But I just thought this too awesome not to be shared.