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Supanova 2009 Report
23 April 2009

Like a phoenix from the ashes...

It's been a long time since the last update. I was actually planning to kill the site - this was originally going to be the 'death post', just to let people know not to check for updates anymore. But, as if the internet collective consciousness possessed the power of absolute foresight and concluded that it needed a critical mass of pointless ramblings in order to make searching for relevant information just a LITTLE BIT HARDER, I received a flurry of E-Mails to remind me that total strangers actually do read the site. So here we are, trying again.

Apparently I feel worse for not entertaining total strangers than I do friends and family.

Anyhow, what better way to resume normal posting practices than with CONVENTION NEWS? Cosplay photos are like the plasma of the internet's lifeblood.

So here are some cosplay photos from Brisbane's Supanova 2009! This year, rather than make a public nuisance of myself, I attempted a more ninja-like approach by jumping in front and stealing photos after other people asked. Is this a succesful strategy? Judge for yourselves.

I swear, some cosplayers need to come with spoiler signs.
Let's get the obligatory Naruto cosplay out of the way first.
The wings are detachable!  Handy, as they were quite hazardous on the crowded convention floor.
Belldandy! Oh My Goddess is still kicking, and will probably continue to do so until Kosuke Fujishima finally stops drawing it. I swear, it must be the Garfield of the manga world.
For some reason, she was standing by the 501st legion?  Traitor!
Aayla Secura! As always, the Star Wars cosplay was of a high standard.
A bit short, but had the pose down pat.
Street Fighter IV cosplay - Crimson Viper. And yet, surprisingly few Ryus and Kens.
They also had a spectacularly good Lelouche as Zero with them, making me think that they very badly wanted to hide their faces.
These guys were freaking awesome. There were a couple of other Nurse!Jokers and Rosarchs wandering around, but I felt sorry for them, because they paled in comparison.
It's a trap!
Kuroshitsuji cosplay. That series only just finished airing in Japan a couple of weeks ago. Cosplays work FAST, you know.
Fortunately, the personality did not match.
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Lambo. Yes, those are toy grenades in her hair. That, my friends, is Attention To Detail.
Really need to play more than the first mission of that game.
No More Heroes cosplay! A lightsaber died for that beam saber.
It doesn't really come up in the picture, but there were blinking LEDs all over the place. I think once you start having to carry a battery with you, your cosplay has levelled up enough to reach a new class.
She wins the convention again.  Regardless of whoever won Madman's contest.
Hey, isn't this the girl who did that amazing unidentified cosplay last year? Edit: Valkyrie Profile, thanks for the tip WaterDragonerS.

I don't know what it's like in the other cons, but there's a curious phenomenon occuring in Brisbane Supanova, where we have conflicting comics, anime, games and sci fi fandoms all sort of standing in different corners of the room, eyeing each other warily. Like at a party, where the host has invited a bunch of friends who don't always overlap, and alcohol only goes so far in smoothing relations between all these unusual strangers. I think this, sooner than any other controversies, will be the death of this particular convention. It's like holding a Star Trek and Star Wars convention at the same venue. Not a great idea!

Surprisingly little to be had in the way of swag and merchandise, too. I suspect that Brisbane may have received the dregs from the Melbourne Supanova the week before.

Still fantastic fun, of course. You can't really go wrong when you get a bunch of people with the same interests in the same building.