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Supanova 2010 Report
18 April 2010

It was Supanova again last weekend! Anybody who reads this blog (three of you plus spambots) will know what this means. That's right, convention report time.

Supanova as a convention differs greatly from Wai-Con, in that the primary activity at Supanova is not contests, panels, or martial arts demonstrations, but standing in line. Entering the venue prior to midday requires standing in line. To see a guest requires spending half of your day standing in line to purchase an autograph ticket, and then the other half waiting to use said ticket. To go to panels, you have to stand in line. To get near some of the more popular stalls, you have to stand in something very much like a line. Even to get outside or inside the different buildings on the showgrounds, you must walk in a very slow-moving, amorphorous blob of a line.

As always, I only attended on the Saturday, given Sunday has purportedly been given over mostly to families and all of the best merchandise has been picked clean by then. With the more eclectic stalls driven out over the years, about the only items of interest I found was a nice haul of cheap Geneon-released soundtracks at Transreality's booth - a pleasant surprise, as the corresponding Japanese-release CDs had long gone out of print. Tamarket as always had some tempting figurines, but nothing particularly rare or hard-to-find.

The whole point of Con reports, though, is pictures! Cosplay! My cosplay photo-fu has become weak, so I didn't manage to snag as many as normal, and the odd lighting inside ruined a lot of shots, but here's a selection of the better ones. Cosplay attendance was down a little on last year - a portion of the anime and audience appears to have been driven off and replaced with sci-fi and TV fans. Or perhaps they were slain by the heat. But one fandom that turned up in unusually high numbers was Sailor Moon, of all things. There were at least three different Princess Serenties!

Plus Sailor Saturn! She made the boots herself! Her glaive was also incredibly awesome, made of wood and surprisingly sturdy (and accurate! Check out the detailing on the base.)

Incredible Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji! There was a rather spiffy Sebastian running around I kept missing, hopefully they met up!

Lucky Star crew. They seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Suzaku from Code Geass!

And not far away, his nemesis Zero! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.

Quick stealth photo of an amazing Madam Red from Kuroshitsuji. I didn't manage to track her down to get a proper one. But I like this photo, because the almost-Sasuke kid in the foreground cracks me up. I am actually not sure if that's meant to be a very half-hearted Season 1 Sasuke cosplay or just a coincidence.

I'm impressed this lasted the day! I guess the Sith cosplayers stayed home this year.

To give you an idea of the crowds, this was where people went outside to catch a breather. Apparently Brisbane's Supanova is now the largest in the country? WHEN AND HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Perhaps it's the lack of competitive events. Although we do at least have mini-Animania and GenCon now.

Karl Urban was there! Yes indeed, a real celebrity. I only got to glimpse him from a distance, for you see, this Rubik's cube girl was part of the line to go see him. You see in the background behind her? That is also the line. And behind that? The line still. And that's OUTSIDE the building. I had to choose between waiting in line and going to see the cosplay national championship entrants. I decided I love cosplay more than Karl Urban.

Atoli and Haseo from .hack//GU! Very nicely done.

I did say there were a lot of Sailor Moon cosplayers! Eternal editions!

C.C. from Code Geass! Please note the creepy coloured contacts.

SNOW VILLIERS FROM FFXIII! This guy was one of the entrants in the national cosplay championship. But the most amazing part - HE MADE THE SHIVACYCLE! THE SHIVACYCLE! (Plus a Serah doll, to everyone's great amusement.)

Apparently it took him 13 days. I'm not entirely certain if that was true or a clever reference. Unbelievably, this only netted him 2nd place. But he was hilarious. There was a Stig in the audience, and John (the MC, a professional comedian, which made a big difference in the quality of the proceedings) pulled him up for a test drive.

More of the amazing Sailor Moon group! This has to be the first time I've seen the entire group. As the MC pointed out, it was like collecting the figures, then realising you had the full set.

Subaru from .hack//SIGN! Best one I've ever seen!

Epic Gurren Lagaan group!

Black Cat crew!

This is the full group of national championship entrants. From left to right is Ciel in a dress from Kuroshitsuji, Lavi and Allen from D.GrayMan, Fai D. Flowright from Tsubasa Chronicles, Flashback version of C.C. from Code Geass, Snow from FFXIII, and Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles. Snow, stop flirting with Sakura! What will crystal Serah think?! The winner was Fai D. Flowright in the center. She actually had a costume change mid-skit!

Ho-oh from Pokemon! It's more than just brave to wear a suit like this at this con. It was really very hot and humid, made only worse with the huge crowds inside. People actually fainted, so there were some rather frequent reminders during the comp and over the PA speakers for people to remember to stay hydrated. Brisbane conventions are dangerous!

Alien and Noot. They had an absolutely brilliant suspense skit, which they then stuffed up at the last second, but that somehow made it even better.

Some of the best cosplays were outside the comp, though! Beauty and the Beast! I couldn't get over that dress! Also, that guy is so thoroughly whipped, it shows in his face.

Awesome Grell. Probably should have grouped the Kuroshitsuji cosplays together. They were all rather impressive!

One last one! Misato Katsuragi playing Guitar Hero ftw!

Every year I keep saying it will be my last Supanova. Will this year truly be the last one I drag myself to attend?