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Prince of Tennis Continues To Redefine Sports Animes
31 May 2009

One would think that after tennis zombies and dinosaurs that Prince of Tennis had taken metaphorical junior-high tennis as far as it could possibly go. Rest assured, Production IG continues to strive to raise the standard. BEHOLD!

The more I look at this shot, the dodgier the animation becomes, but it's still hilariously over-the-top.

Actually, oceanic whirlpools are downright tame in the animation stakes compared to what they've pulled in the past. BUT WHAT ABOUT TENNIS SURFING? ON TIDALWAVES?

I thought they covered tidal waves in the movie, but I guess they weren't done.
Tezuka might be the captain, sure, but I think he gets a bigger budget than even the main character.

Needless to say, I watched this match about twenty times. Somewhere in the midst of these rewatches, I noticed one unusual detail:

Inui Sadaharu, data tennis expert of the team.
Every anime needs a genius nerd. EVERY SINGLE ONE. This one just happens to be a stalker, too.

Inui brings his data notebook on to the court. Surely there are rules about this! They're at the Nationals now!

Though if there were rules, the umpires probably should have cared about the wigs and masks in previous matches... I guess the umpire DID make a half-hearted effort to stop them...

Yeah, screw it. Rules in the Prince of Tennis universe? MADNESS.

I love this series.